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The Funds

Tera Capital is generating wealth from smaller companies

The wealth created by growing a small business into tomorrow’s “blue chip” is legendary. The philosophy
behind these market successes is exactly what drives the Tera Fund Family – we believe that the hard work and
diligence associated with investing in small capitalization companies (under $500 million) can be richly
rewarded. Our Fund Family was created to offer sophisticated investors the opportunity to participate in these
rewards across a diversified risk/return spectrum.

Why Smaller Caps?

Securities of smaller cap companies are typically tagged as “higher risk” due to a variety of operating and
market factors; the “reward” for this risk is a higher return opportunity. As a result of this risk/reward tradeoff,
investments in successful smaller companies have been able to produce superior investment returns over
time. In today’s world of massive investment funds, companies which can grow their market caps are accorded
ever-increasing market values as more funds are able to buy them.

Why Tera?

Succesful small cap investing requires separating winners from losers. As the lead portfolio managers of the
Tera Funds, Howard Sutton and Lyle Stein bring over 50 combined years of investment and operations experience.
Tera focuses our knowledge on a market segment that is distinctly under-analyzed, and uses a discipline
honed over decades of public and private company expertise.  At the heart of our discipline is a commitment to “know our companies”: for each holding, we examine the Management Team, the Strength of the Intellectual Property, the Market Opportunity, the Value and the Liquidity of the investment.