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Investment Strategy

Principal Investment Objective – Tera Capital Corporation was formed in 1996 as a means of investing in equity or debt of higher growth and, in turn, higher potential return opportunities. Focusing primarily on small cap equities (less than $500MM market cap), the success of  Global Innovation Fund has been followed by a High Income Fund.

Investment Strategy – Tera Capital Corporation (Tera) implements an investment strategy and process which has been developed and practiced in prior portfolios. Tera focuses on the following key characteristics:

* Industry Focus – Tera seeks investments in the growth markets across all industry sectors including innovation, natural resources, industrials, clean energy, biotechnology, and financials. These industries represent an attractive investment emphasis due to

  • substantial and diverse market opportunities
  • worldwide sales potential
  • changing regulatory environments
  • technological innovations

* Investment Process – Tera uses a systematic investment process for generating superior returns. We also take a disciplined approach throughout each stage of the investment process, from sourcing transaction flow, to screening decisions and due diligence; from structuring and negotiating terms; to working actively with management teams and realizing investment liquidity.

* Sourcing Transactions – Tera has established a broad range of relationships and contacts, generating a consistent flow of potential investment opportunities. Additionally, we take a pro-active approach to sourcing transactions. In our experience, we’ve found that the best referral opportunities come from company executives and close relationships with investment professionals. Those relationships are fostered by maintaining an active network of individual contacts in the target industries and investment community, regularly reviewing industry journals, and attending as many scientific and industry conferences and trade shows as possible.

In early stage transactions, we’re the catalyst for originating the investment and organizing the financing syndicate. In most mid-to-later stage investments, we get to know a prospective portfolio company and have developed a relationship with management over a period of time. Building these relationships has served us well in prior investments, in ways that include:

  1. generating investments on a friendlier basis
  2. achieving more favourable terms
  3. being able to proactively initiate financing on a timely basis and avoid a competitive bidding process.

Tera has established a reputation for credible, honest and straightforward communications, decision-making and advice. This has proven advantageous in those selective investment situations where Tera has been welcomed as investment partners by management teams and co-investors.