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Today & Tomorrow

Technology Today

As part of our commitments to leading-edge technology, and to keeping you informed as to where we’re headed, we at Tera Capital would like to present “Technology Today”. Here you will find up-to-date information on the companies in which we’re currently investing. We firmly believe that these companies are some of the most technically advanced and unique within their fields.

Please watch for regular updates as this site develops.

 Vivecrop:    ViveLogoJpg

Vivecrop formulates and delivers active ingredients using patented Allosperse polymer particles. Working with leading crop protection multinational corporations, the crop protection application gives food growers the ability to increase crop yields safely while reducing the use of harmful chemical additivies that are common in pesticides…. click here for more

On The Horizon

This section of our site dedicated to information about new companies, and technology that is at the vanguard of innovation in its respective field. We hope that you will find learning about these companies as exciting as we do, and take away from this experience the knowledge that the world is advancing in ways never before imagined.

Tera has been buying technology companies for over 20 years, and we clearly see two kinds of innovation;

a. evolution and,

b. revolution.

Evolution, the more common kind, dramatically improves an existing technology,

Revolution, on the other hand, changes the playing field altogether.

We believe that the revolutionary element of one particular technology will not only change the way we use computers, but how we interact on a daily basis.

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.” – Alfred North Whitehead